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Thin tissue paper overlay to cover the invitation wording

tissue paper for wedding invitations
Tissues do not need to cover entire invitation*

100 Pack Tissue Sizes

tissue paper for wedding invitations 3 x 5 
3 1/2" x 5" tissue
tissue paper for wedding invitations 4 x 6
4" x 6" tissue
tissue paper for wedding invitations 5 x 7
5" x 7" tissue
tissue papersquare for wedding invitations 5 x 5
5" x 5" tissue

Wedding Tissue Sizes

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The History of Wedding Invitation Tissues
One of the most common questions we get are "what are the wedding invitation tissues for ?" The wedding tissue overlay is purely symbolic in modern times.

In the not so distant past, the ink used in the printing process would not completely dry and after handling would smear making the wording hard or impossible to read

To insure the recipients would not only get the wedding invitation, but also know who it was for, a delicate tissue or sometimes onion skin overlay was placed over the printed area before inserting the invitation into the envelopes.

With modern printing techniques, the smearing ink is not a problem.
Like many traditional things, the wedding tissues are symbolic.

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Wedding Invitation Tissue Paper
Tissue Paper Overlays For Wedding Invitations